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New Adapter for Soft Mist Inhaler Medication Delivery

Reno, Nevada – 1 November 2017

ODAPT™ Soft Mist Adapter receives FDA approval and is now available in the United States.
ODAPT is the only product created specifically for use with the Soft Mist family of inhaled medications. Designed by a respiratory therapist to provide clinicians and patients a solution for face mask and tracheostomy application of soft mist inhalers (SMI).

ODAPT aids in the delivery of soft mist inhaled medications for pediatric and elderly patients where a face mask is required. As well, it expands the delivery of soft mist for tracheostomy patients of whom in the past had no delivery option.

Respiralogics has teamed with McArthur Medical to distribute the ODAPT in the USA and jointly introduced the ODAPT to the US market during the 2017 AARC meeting.

Don’t adapt it, ODAPT it!

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About Respiralogics

Respiralogics is a provider of innovative products for hospital, emergency, home and specialty care dedicated to providing clinicians with exceptional products. The Respiralogics product line includes the Babi.Plus Bubble® nCPAP System and complementary Baby line for BCPAP, Danny Ties™ trach ties, Sil.Flex™ Stoma Pad, Sil.Flex™ TC Pad and Venti.Plus™ Test Lungs and the new ODAPT™ adapter.

About McArthur Medical

McArthur Medical is a company focused on the development of respiratory innovations.

ODAPT is a trademark used under license by McArthur Medical Sales, Inc.
RespiraGel, Baby Cap, Baby Nose Bumper and Baby Circuit Bumpers and Baby Chin Strip are trademarks of Global Respiratory Solutions, Inc.
Babi.Plus is a registered trademark and Sil.Flex and Venti.Plus are trademarks of GaleMed Corporation.
Danny Ties is a trademark of Leckie Medical Products, Inc.

For more information, contact Respiralogics at 1.775.954.0160

Company: Respiralogics, a Global Respiratory Solutions, Inc. Company
Address: 3545 Airway Drive, Suite 104
Reno, NV 89511 USA
Tel/Fax: 1.775.954.0160
Contact: Beth Keifer

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