NeoTree™ Tube Support

Unique holder adapts to neonatal
and small pediatric circuits

NeoTree Tube Support works in conjunction with neonatal/small pediatric ventilator circuits. The Tube Support is reversible in position to secure tubes for neonatal/small pediatric patients.

NeoTree assists in the reduction of tension on the endotracheal tube or face mask to prevent kinking of the circuit, inadvertent extubations and/or movement of the endotracheal tube or mask.

NeoTree is made of lightweight aluminum with a baked-on powder coat finish. The tube holder is durable and easily cleaned. NeoTree Tube Support provides a stable holder for tubes in all positions.

Features and Benefits

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Quantity
420-1948 NeoTree Tube Support 1 per box

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NeoTree is a trademark used under license by McArthur Medical Sales Inc.

NeoTree Tube Support
NeoTree Tube Support

NeoTree Tube Support
NeoTree Tube Support
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