Adapter for soft mist inhaler medication delivery

ODAPT™ adapter for soft mist inhalers (SMI) is the only product created specifically for use with the soft mist family of inhaled medications. Designed by a respiratory therapist to provide clinicians and patients a solution for face mask and tracheostomy application of soft mist inhalers.

ODAPT aids in the delivery of SMI medication for pediatric, adult and elderly patients where a face mask is required. It also creates a new option for delivery of SMI medication for all patients with a tracheostomy.

ODAPT adapters are latex free, BPA, and DEHP free and interface with commercially available face masks. Available as adapter only or with face mask. Don’t adapt it, ODAPT it!

Odapt in use

Features and Benefits - ODAPT Adapters

Features and Benefits - ODAPT with Mask

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Quantity
420-7190 ODAPT adapter for soft mist inhaler 40 per box
420-7193 ODAPT adapter for soft mist inhaler with adult mask, yellow 10 per box
420-7194 ODAPT adapter for soft mist inhaler with large adult mask, green 10 per box

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ODAPT holds Registered Canadian and International Design Patents
ODAPT is a trademark used under license by McArthur Medical Sales Inc.
Spiriva Respimat is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim International GMBH, used under license

ODAPT adapter
ODAPT Adapter

ODAPT Adapter
ODAPT Adapter with Masks


ODAPT Adapter
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