Sil.Flex™ Stoma Pad

Innovative cushion absorbs pressure at stoma sites

Stoma sites may become sensitive or compromised due to constant pressure or movement of the tracheostomy tube and flange against surrounding tissue. The Sil.Flex Stoma Pad is ergonomically designed to cushion the area between the flange and the stoma site, reducing movement and pressure at the site. The contoured surface of the Stoma Pad provides a stable, comfortable interface between the flange and the patient’s neck. Sil.Flex Stoma Pads are made of medical grade silicone encased in polyurethane. Hypoallergenic and latex-free, each sterile pad is individually packaged and intended for single patient application. The Sil.Flex Stoma Pad is available in two sizes, accommodating large pediatrics through adults.

The Sil.Flex Stoma Pad may be used in critical care units, operating rooms, special procedure units as well as alternate care facilities and home care. Use of the Sil.Flex Stoma Pad may assist in reducing irritation at the stoma site and stabilizing the tracheostomy tube.

The Sil.Flex Stoma Pads enhance patient comfort with all brands and styles of tracheostomy tubes. Danny Ties™ may be used in combination with the Sil.Flex Stoma Pad to provide a secure fit of tracheostomy tube.

Features and Benefits

Sil.Flex Stoma sizing chart

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Quantity
SP02B Sil.Flex Stoma Pad – Size 2 10 per box
SP02 Sil.Flex Stoma Pad – Size 2 40 per case
SP03B Sil.Flex Stoma Pad – Size 3 10 per box
SP03 Sil.Flex Stoma Pad – Size 3 40 per case

Companion Products

Part Number Product
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Sil.Flex is a trademark of GaleMed Corporation.
Danny Ties is a trademark of Leckie Medical Products, Inc.

Sil.Flex stoma pad

Sil.Flex stoma pad
Sil.Flex Stoma Pads

Sil.Flex Stoma Pad
Sil.Flex Stoma Pad
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Sil.Flex Stoma Pad


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